Opening file error

Please can someone help me open this file? Apparently is too large to open and needs to be purged but I cannot do it in my pc. It is an important work file. Can someone help?


Be patient until the file opens!

It is better not to introduce all the 3D Warehouse models you like into your drawing, look for low-poly ones or create them yourself as light as you can. Use Purge often.

Use tags for visibility instead of Hide;

Orient the faces correctly, with the white facing outwards.

after purging ~14 million edges (322 MB)

Thank you so much for the tips! I will follow every one of them. Unfortunately I could not open the file at all (message appeared that said failed to open document) so it is not matter of patience.
Could you please send me back the purged model that hopefully will open?

I appreciate your help. Thank you!

You’re welcome!
I will delete after you download the file.

I did and now it opens just fine. You are amazing. Thank you so much.

Just looking at the screenshots. I would use a texture instead of geometry for the tiled roof.

Good point. Thanks for the tip!