SketchUp error Out of memory

i was working on sketchup and suddenly when i was moving one group of object in sketchup i received message showing out of memory (i have attached screen shot ) what does it mean??i have 1 tb hard disk in my computer and c drive have 120 gb free space available.

secondly when i start rendering using 1500 x 1000 or more resolution computer shuts down with one message in blue window (attached screen shoot) . i have attached configuration of my computer also.

  1. please tell me how much space i need free in C drive
  2. why i am not able to render to higher resolution images ??

Your problem can be a problem about memory, but it’s strange because you have 32 G0, or a problem about your windows, what’s the size of skp file, perhaps it’s too heavy.

Size of my SketchUp file is just 61 mb, nonetheless file contain too much complicated design but I have heavy system too , to handle this much heavy drawings and i have 6 projects like this which contain more detailed modeling with a lot of material and curved edges

please suggest me what to do and how do i get rid of this.?

I haven’t use any renderer so far, but I read that old V-Ray versions has some problems with memory manage.
The out of memory messagebox probably refers to the RAM memory of your computer (you have 32GB and it should be enough) not to the space of your drive.

  • Make sure your Windows is 64 bits version
  • Make sure SketchUp is 64 bits version
  • Make sure you installed SketchUp using the option “Run as Administrator”, if you didn’t right click on install.exe and choose run as administrator then choose repair option.
  • Are you using V-Ray?
  • What info taskmgr shows?
  • As @savoirpourtous said it would be useful tok now what the size of your file is.

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