How to Handle + 100mb files

Hello, I have been using sketchup for over 10 years now, but i have never actually manage to know how to handle large files, even when i model small houses (200 sqauer meters) with the amount of detail and components that i add up the file just runs really slow, even though, i do manage properly my layers, i often only leave the wall layers on for editing, furniture, lighting and many other are hidden, and yet i always have encountered almos unworkable conditions at some point, is there a way to optimise you ram usage, gpu usage o something? i have purged the document many times, clean the imported model as much as i can son i wont have overdetailed models, dont know what else to do.
my setup:
Cpu- Ryzen 7 1700
Ram- 16 gb of ram 2440 mhz
SSD kingston 240 gb
Gpu- Nvidia gt 1060 6gb

Are you using stuff straight from 3D Warehouse? If so that can bloat a model really quickly without even being aware of it. For your 200m house model, how many polygons (ie edges and faces) are in it? I’ve found that, depending on your machine and organization, once you get over 1 million + polygons, things can start to slow down.

Also, if you can share a model, zip it to reduce size and post link here (as this forum has a 5 mb limit) as myself or someone else can take a better look to see what the issue might be.

Double checking the basics -

Are you sure your GPU is recognized by SketchUp?

Do you have the NVIDIA control panel set correctly for SU to use your 1060?

Do you have the latest drivers for it?

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