What causes slow loading of larger files?

I have a Ryzen 9 5950x, RTX 3090 and 64GB DDR4 and i still struggle to open 150MB sketchup files,

I see barely any change to disk, cpu, gpu or Memory usage, what could be causing the bottlekneck?
also large copy paste operations do the same thing, i had the same issue with 3600x, 3060ti & 32GB Ram, figured upgrade all 3 and should fix the issue but seems to be unchanged.

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150 MB is a pretty large SketchUp file. What does it say in Model Info > Statistics? Do you have a lot of high resolution textures included? What is making the files so large? Do you have profiles or shadows turned on in your display style? Both are resource intensive to render. SketchUp is a single thread operation so clockspeed of the CPU is a bottleneck as well as the graphics card.

Are you really using SketchUp Make 17? There have been many improvements in speed and usability in the last 5 years, if you are invested in that powerful of a computer you might invest in newer software too.

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Quite often people spend money on hardware expecting things to speed up, when you can get much better results by modelling appropriately.


totally agree

Ill check the File out and get back to you on that.

I turned my floor plan for my build into a 3d model and have been adding to in for 4 years whilst my block was developed and house was built.

Unsure if its just a lot of unused “fluff” bogging down the file, but thats a possibility.

I cant justify $300USD/yr as i only use sketch-up for personal projects like furniture layout or 3D printing files to make little handy projects around the house.

I didn’t upgrade the computer for Sketchup, i just thought id solve some bottlenecks in doing so. Only thing i haven’t upgraded is the SSD but its already NVME already just not “top tier”

And seeing as though i hate the cloud based sketchup,
I have 2 options, use make17 or pay for pro.

The Model Info>Statistics page is your friend:

  • You can check the weight of your model by looking at the edge and face counts with the “Show nested components” box checked.
  • Use the “Purge unused” button often.

3D Warehouse components are the most common resource hogs, especially 3D plants, people, vehicles and upholstered furniture.

When the face/edge count of a model runs in the millions, it will perceivably slow down whatever the hardware specs of the computer used. All the geometry has to squeeze through the single computing thread a 3D modelling application uses, regardless of the number of processor cores and threads.

I also have to use 2017 Make since I am modeling a mansion just as a hobby. In order to help with loading I have put a lot of things on Layers that I keep turned off until I actually need them. I also have Disabled many of my extensions until I actually need to use them. This has helped alot with the speed my model loads.

If you feel comfortable sharing the file post it to a file sharing service like Dropbox or Google drive and post the link, or send me the link in a PM if you prefer to keep it private.

I’ll examine the file to diagnose where the extra weight is coming from.