File heavy

hi everyone hope u all fine
i have high Spec CPU ( core i7 8th generation with 16 GB DDr5 and gtx 1060 6 GB) but i am confused why my sketchup file hange after i import more then 5 models in one file ?

First of all, what do you mean by hang? Is SketchUp freezing, crashing or just lagging?

Secondly, what models did you import? A lot of the 3D models on e.g. 3D Warehouse were never drawn with the intention of being used as entourage in larger models, but just for the joy of drawing them, and can be tens of times heavier than what is reasonable.

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Is this specific to the SketchUp Viewer or to modeling in SketchUp? You posted this in the Viewer category.

yes its lagging / loading and take time to move from one place to another

sorry for that

Does that mean this isn’t a Viewer related thing?

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