Dealing with large models

Hello SketchUp Community,

I am currently working on a 13 MB model. The model gets really slow and it barely lets me work on it properly. Is my computer the problem that can not support such large file or is something else that can be fixed? How can i deal with large models that slows the processes down?

A 13 Meg file isn’t normally all that large but if you have a lot of geometry or some high res textures, they could slow things down, especially with the graphics adapter you list in your profile. There are likely some things you can do to improve the performance. Edit the style and turn off Profiles, maybe switch to Monochrome for the Face Style. Turn off shadows if they are on. Maybe your geometry can be simplified and maybe textures could be reduced in resolution. Keep the model purged of unused content and ensure correct tag usage. Of course without seeing your SketchUp model file it’s hard to be specific.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Here is my model. Could this mean that my computer graphics card or processor cannot keep up with such models?

It could mean that. Integrated GPUs have never been recommended for use with SketchUp and the CPU may not be particularly fast either. I’ll look at your file and see if there are any obvious issues with the model.

Well, let’s see. I turned off Profiles, set Face Style to Monochrome, turned off shadows, fixed incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 11_9_2023 , 2_45_52 PM
… and purged unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 11_9_2023 , 2_46_21 PM

See if this works better on your computer. You can always go back to Shaded with Textures if needed but that will slow things down at least a bit.
Notice the file size reduction from purging the unused stuff from the file.

Definitely a lot faster to work with. Was this model normal to be slowing down the computer?
Also, if i need to get all the textures back on? How can I do it?

Thank you very much though. So much help out of this community.

Well, it didn’t perform badly on my machine but then I have a suitable graphics card.

The textures are still there. As I wrote you can edit the style to change the Face Style back to Shaded with Textures. Or do it in View>Face Style. Not displaying them eases the load on your graphics card which helps improve performance.

You’re quite welcome.

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Likely the speed issue was the profile edges and shadows on. Those two tax the graphic card significantly as does “hidden geometry” being visible.