Visibility of tags in Trimble connect

When I import my model to Trimble Connect the tags are not the same as when in SketchUp. Could someone kindly guide me to a resource explaining how the import process works in terms of groups, components and tags? Thanks!

Question was already asked here but no responses…

Web or Desktop? In the Web version Tags show up under Layers:

Web, it’s the import process I am wondering about, none of the tags or groups came through correctly. Groups exploded, tags missing on items…

EDIT: Lol layers still, I thought we left those, I guess Trimble didn’t get the memo.

Decking tag/layer off in both, different visibility.

Ah. It doesn’t seem to respect the highest container (Group or Component). And then nested and tagged objects don’t toggle visibility in the Layers panel.

I tried a few things before I noticed the other-other vis toggle, down at the bottom. So here is Shapes which is a Component with Cylinder and Rectangle in it. Vis toggle below when selected from the Models Panel:

You can multi select Components and toggle them that way as well (in the model space or Models panel).

So if you select everything in your model and make it a Group, the Models hierarchy seems to be respected. I used Groups instead of Components this time (which is preferred and tested in SU 22 and 23). The Tag on the Group isn’t respected but the Group can have it’s visibility toggled in the lower vis toggle.

I guess I’m more of a Grouper and a Nester than a Tagger… but yeah the tags aren’t up to snuff. I’m guessing they are like attributes and they can’t be accessed in the organizer unless you have Business Premium. On the other hand, I bet they’re making Drawings compatible with this for DWG flat earth types ;^).

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My use case here is for a contractor other than me to be able to easily use the 3D drawing onsite, so tag/layer control is what I want.

After messing around it looks like geometry comes in to TC at the bottom level, components or groups with no kids. You have to tag at that level for tags to work properly in TC, which for me is not practical at all. Your suggestion for controlling visibility by selecting in the side panel works well, I will have to make a demo video on how to use this for clients.

Also interesting, geometry on tags that are turned off in the model before import to TC do not come in at all.

Which attributes? I can see all my dynamic attributes… Which is actually super awesome!

Edit: No wait only simple ones, complex ones are obliterated to bottom level subs.

I thought “attributes” was shaded under either Organizer or Data Table. But checking again it looks like I was wrong. Maybe they call them “Properties” (like in the Columns of the Data Table and what you showed using the Info tab).

I tried adding Custom Tags. But those don’t seem to do the trick.

Could you use Views? Save the ones you want the contractor to use, with visibility set up as you wish?

*Yes - I’ve noticed that toggling off ‘turns off’ updating.
** It is cool that some attributes are showing up. I should try adding custom attributes to see if they show up.

Oh - there it is. Add Properties when viewing object info. That one is unavailable.

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