Sketchup in Trimble Connect

I’m probably misunderstanding the use of TC vs SU Web… I uploaded a SU model to TC. In the model (in SU Pro 23 on Mac), I am using color by tag. I expected that to be reflected in the upload to TC, but not the case. I see no way to manipulate styles in TC. I also see no way to turn tag visibility on / off. I’m doing this so I can share the model with a client, but maybe this isn’t possible.

Thanks for insight the community has to offer.

TC is different than SU for Web. The TC viewer is translating your model into a TrimBIM file format. You can share the model with the client via Link sharing on Su for Web if you prefer - this will save you styles, tags, and scenes. TC viewer will not. Make sure to open your model from SketchUp for Web and not from inside TC.,toggle%20to%20the%20off%20position.

Thanks for responding, Kyle, but I remain confused.

How do I publish to SU Web instead of TC? When I “Publish as…” no option to select TC or SUW appears.

Also, in TC, why does the model appear like this? Compare to screenshot of the model in SU desktop app.

Thanks for your help.

The TC viewer will always look a little different than SketchUp since it’s not a SKP file anymore, it is being stored as a TrimBIM file.

Once your model is published, go to SketchUp for Web at - and choose to open the project from Trimble Connect.
Once opened, you will find the link share button.

I was able to follow that, Kyle, and make it work. Thanks

Will I need to republish the model when I make changes so that my clients’ web version is always updated (or, maybe, at the end of ever day?). Or, if I use the desktop Trimble Connect app will that take care of updating? I’m a little hesitant as I don’t want my desktop file corrupted should the client inadvertently make changes in the SU Web app when their viewing the model.

I really appreciate all your help.


Hey Bob,
They cannot make changes - the Link sharing is only for viewing.
If you want them to make changes, they need a SketchUp license and would need to download the file from Trimble Connect or open the model in SketchUp for Web via Trimble Connect.

If you make changes, you need to republish the model, and create a new link.

Great, thanks again Kyle!