Layers (tags) in Sketchup for Web?

Are there Layers (tags) in SketchUp for Web?
How do I enable them?

Yes. Look in the Tags panel on the right side of the model window.

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Thanks, found that.
Now how do I hide a tag? I would assume hiding is done with the eye but I do not see
anything happening. Is there instructions for using tags?

Clicking on the eye symbol will hide whatever objects have been given that tag.


Click on the Search symbol at the top of the toolbar on the left and search for ‘Tag’.

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Thanks, that is what I “thought”.
I added 2 tags.
One of the tags disappears when I close the eye. As expected.
The other tag does nothing. I am attempting to upload a video.

You need to be assigning tags to groups or components in the model, NOT to edges or faces. ALL faces and edges should be created AND remain untagged. Once you’ve created the groups or components, select them and give them a tag in Entity Info.

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Ah, Thank You!! Years ago I actually knew my way around but now I rarely try to use SketchUp.

Are you using a Beta version? My version does not have the folder available in Info. You have more available under Tags then my version.

No. I am using SketchUp Go, though. Not SketchUp Free.

Show a screenshot of what you are seeing. What folder are you referring to in Entity Info?

The topic was layers and in the tags pop out at the top there is a folder icon that is not available. I would think it is to collect your tagged items. Not sure!
Thanks Dave

Oh, so in the Tags Panel. In SketchUp Go and Pro, anyway, you can create tag folders to collect tags in. I’m not sure if that is available in SketchUp Free. Maybe that’s a feature for paying users only.

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