Creating Layers on MAC

I work with Sketch-up pro and have for several years now. We are wanting to create construction documents from Sketch-up without having to hire a draftsman to do it. I am not able to find how to make layers in my sketch-up models? Can someone point me to a video to watch or explain how to create layers?

Thank you

They are called Tags in newer versions. The Tags palette is used to create and work with them.

Before you dive in to creating a model, make sure you fully understand how to use tags in SketchUp. Start with the following link.

In a nutshell, leave Untagged active at all times. Create and leave all geometry (edges and faces) untagged. Give tags to components and groups.

Thank you both for the information. I found the Tags function so that works well.

Also, I will watch the link that you sent. Thank you for that. Doe either of you do construction documents?

Most of the construction documents I make are for furniture and other projects of that sort.

I’m thinking you might want to check out Matt Donley and Nick Sonder.