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How do I Tag an already draw group? I understand you can draw when you have clicked the “mark” button, but before all it took was a click in the little box next to a newly made layer. How do you do it now. Sorry if this question has been asked many times before, but I need a proper explaination.

Use Entity Info and Tags panels

Yes but that is not in the online version. Sorry for my bad selection of help. In the web version there is no option to choose your new tag. I was wondering if there is another way. I already managed to get one done, but sad i cannot remember how.

Same idea for SketchUp Free (web version)

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I see. Misunderstood the entire thing. Thanks alot.

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Leave the pencil icon set to Untagged at all times. Leave all edges and faces untagged. Only add tags to groups and components.

Yes never draw “in” the mode right? Otherwise if you forget to change it will mess up. Sorry for the late reply.

I don’t know what you mean by that. Just follow the most basic rules.

Leave the pencil icon at Untagged.
Create all edges and faces as untagged and leave them untagged.
Make groups or components to create separation between elements as needed.
Assign tags to the groups and components.

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