Help on Tags operation

Hi Pro’s,

I could use a little advice/clarification on how Sketchup handles tags.
I see theres tags for groups and separate (nested) tags for elements within the group which results in chaos in my layouts:
It seems that when the drawingpen is on one tag, it draws on this tag regardless me editing a group that is already on a different tag. So when I hide tags theres sometimes parts still visible or parts missing of groups. This drives me crazy.

Is there really no way to make the pen following the element tag?

  1. Pen is on Tag1
  2. Doubleclick to Edit a Group tagged with Tag2
  3. Pen switches to Tag 2 when resizing/drawing etc…
  4. Close group edit
  5. Pen stays on last Tag or preferrably switches back to Tag1

Maybe I have the wrong workflow - I need tags to make elements visible/invisible.
Can someone please enlighten me on how to operate this in a straight manner without the additional step to rethink on what tag I am editing?

Thank you!


Yes, you do.

The correct way to use tags is to leave the pencil (pen) at Untagged. You create all geometry as untagged and leave it untagged. Create groups and components of collections of geometry and give those objects tags as desired. There is no need to change which tag is active, this way. When you open a group or component for editing, any new geometry you create will also be untagged.

Following this workflow is much easier because you never need to worry about where that pencil is and you won’t create problems for yourself from improper tag usage.

Here is an example from one of my models.

The deadman component is tagged with the ‘Deadman’ tag.

But the geometry for the deadman is all untagged.

The visibility of the component is controlled by clicking on the eye icon next to the tag.

Thanks for your quick answer, Dave.

I do understand, but during the development I often chande shapes of components with different tags.
So in your eample, what happens when you edit the deadman, say by drawing a circle for an additional hole?
When I do that the hole is without tag and whereas it dissappears together with the deadman visibility, it also dissapears won the visible deadman when untagged needs to disappear.

I hope I am making myself clear ?!?

Thak you !!


I just open the component for editing and add the hole. All the geometry is untagged including the new geometry. No need really to even have the Tags panel open when editing components and groups.

If you are using the correct work flow keeping Untagged as active and only tagging objects (Components and groups) there should never be a reason to make Untagged invisible. And with Untagged as active, you can’t make it invisible anyway.

From what you are describing about your workflow it sounds like you want to make it more difficult than it needs to be.

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