Edges not adding to selected tag


Has there been changes to how tags work in Skechup Free? I’ve been using the tools for the last 2 years, and new edges have always been added to my current tag. But just recently it stopped doing that. Now new edges are left untagged. Can i change this, it’s double the job to add all the edges afterwards.


I’m not aware of any change but your workflow is a big no-no!!
Edges and faces should always be created untagged, then made into groups and components.
Those groups and components can then be given a tag.
Tagging edges and faces is a good recipe for desaster! I should know, I’ve been there…

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They were removed the possibility to change the active tag other then Untagged. The reason explained above… Draw your edges, faces Untagged and make a group or component and assign Tag to that grupp component…


I disagree, Tag for edges and faces should not with noob but it’s a huge advantage for who knows to use it. Espcially there are many extensions could handle if there is something out of control.

I agree that you disagreed!
However for who knows how to use it, should use the desktop version, especially because of the Extensions you mentioned only available there… :wink:


I second that!


The extension to handle if it gets out of control is called default tag geometry from TIG and it moves all the tagged edges and faces to the “untagged” tag.

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I agree that you agreed when I disagreed.


That’s not really on topic, but sure okay. I understand the group function and it’s use when creating object, but in my case I’m creating a floor plan and 3d sketch of my house. I don’t se the need for groups when building walls.

I draw an edge, it gets untagged, I group it with another edge and tag that. That’s three steps to get my edge tagged.
I draw an edge and then I need to select it again and add it to an tag, that 2 steps. It basically the same thing except I need to add my edge to a group also.

That’s double the work from just getting the edge tagged from the first place.

Before there was only 1 step.

So they made me do double the work to get my edges tagged. Great.

I think you would benefit from reading this


Hobbyist users have typically manage to create problems for themselves by giving tags to edges and faces. This change was not done to make you do double the work. It was done to prevent the majority of users from screwing up their models.


Perhaps if you describe the workflow that makes you feel it is imperative to put tags on individual edges, we can suggest an alternative or at least explain the dangers of what you are doing.

Edit: SketchUp is meant to model 3D things, not as a 2d drawing tool. Edges and faces exist to define the boundaries of those things (groups and components), not as stand-alone things.

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That just tellls me how tags work, which I’m aware of :slight_smile:

Right now I’m using it to build my house in 3d as we are remodeling it , and I’m using the tags to hide floors and walls. That’s it. I didn’t really feel the need for adding it to groups as it’s a very very simple build. What bothers me is that I now need to select all the edges that I just created one more time, just to add them to a tag, or group for that matter.

Yes, I know what edges and faces are for and how they work when creating complex models, I got a bachelor degree in 3d modeling with 3ds max and maya :slight_smile:

This is the reason to tag ONLY groups and components.

Those are both not SketchUp…


My suggestion would be to reverse the order of your thinking so that you envision a wall or floor as what you are modeling and draw the edges and faces that define it, instead of thinking in terms of a 2D floor plan that you will later make into walls and floors.


No of course, but that was regarding the knowledge of edges and faces witch does programs give you :slight_smile:

Yes, that is where everyone new to SketchUp goes wrong (including me). It is fundamentally different from other CAD software, the same knowledge and concepts do not necessarily apply.

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