How to turn on and make new layers

I don’t see the layers icon. On 17 it showed what layer was active and there was a window to make new.
Any help would be appreciated

Look for Tags icon (layer was renamed as tag).

extra credit note: The only tag that should ever be active is “untagged”. All raw geometry should be created as Untagged and only groups and components should be assigned different tags to control visibility. Having raw geometry not Untagged, can cause serious problems with you model.


Hello and thanks. Once I’ve made another component how do I make a new layer and place it on it?


Watch the video @mihai.s posted earlier.

You still don’t make a new “layer” and you don’t place the component on it. You make a new tag in the Tags panel and assign that tag to the component in Entity Info.

Hi Dave, I’m in tags and I can turn the person icon on and off on layer 1. I’ve made and saved a component. How do I tag it as layer 2?


Go to Entity Info like I said before and assign it to the tag. Click on Untagged and choose the desired new tag.
Screenshot - 3_26_2020 , 9_50_49 AM

Are you naming the tags ‘layer 1’ and ‘layer 2’? That seems confusing to me.

Hi Dave, I assume you always draw in the default layer with the icon. If I erase the person icon how do I know what layer I’m drawing on.
Thanks for your reply on Entity Info. Not sure how to turn the layer back on after turning if off. Are there any books out on 2020 Sketchup free?

You keep referring to layers but there are no layers. It kind of seems like you aren’t taking in what we’ve all told you already. You cannot draw on a layer in SketchUp. That’s never been a thing even when what are now called tags were called layers.

So again, the correct workflow is to leave the pencil icon set to Untagged. Create all geometry (edges and faces) as untagged and leave them untagged. Make components or groups of discrete lumps of geometry to keep objects separate from each other. If you need to be able to control the visibility of the objects (groups and components) you can create tags that you then assign to the groups and components.

To control the visibilty of the objects in your model, you can click the eye icon in the Tags panel for the tag you’ve given to those objects.

Hi Dave, I just draw a box for the second tag but I can’t push the eye to make it disappear.
Any help would be appreciated.

It seems like you aren’t following the instructions we’ve given.

What exactly does this mean?

Here I’ve create a box and made it a component. With the component selected you can see it is shown in Entity Info as Untagged which is correct because the pencil icon is set at Untagged in the Tags panel. Also note I created a tag called ‘box’ but it isn’t used yet.

Next, in Entity Info, I click on Untagged and a new panel opens with a list of tags and the instruction to “Choose Tag”. I select ‘box’ and the panel closes.

We go back to Entity Info where the current tag for the selected component shows as ‘box’.

And after clicking on the eye symbol to the left of the tag in the Tags panel, the box is invisible. I selected Helen so there’d be something to show in Entity Info. Since she is untagged, she remains visible.

Thank you very much Dave.

Jim Wilson

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