How to draw line in a different tag

Hi! I’m using sketchup web, it is very a good app!!!

I have one big problem: I’m drawing separate things that are sharing the same line, for example: if I want to draw two hose that are join by a wall, I have the shared wall that can be present only in one tags.
So when I hide that layers, the other house remain without a wall! That is very boring…

How can I assign the same line, solid, etc., to two tags?! Or, if it is not possible, how I can draw two identical line, one for each tags?! When I try to do this, sketchup do not draw the second line and it says that it is on the hide layer, and when I unhide the hide layer, my line was not draw!


Draw one wall > group it > copy the wall group > assign one tag to one wall group and another tag to the other wall group. That’s all there is to it.

So only assign tags to groups and components. And you can assign only one tag per group or per component.

And leave Untagged the active tag, always! Do not draw with any other tag active!


thanks for your answer. I not understend how to group it, maybe is not possible in web version. (i try online with a guide but o not find this menu)

I give you an example of a BBQ that I draw.

see this photo:


I draw first off all the bottom level (table) after that I draw the high part (upper level) and after that the internal part.

When I draw a new part I use a new level (tags)

when I hide one level IT GENERATE A HOLE!!!

I don’t want any hole! If I draw another time a line, sketchup do not draw because already exist in another tags!!! IT IS VERY BORING!

Is “group” a way to avoid this boring problem? can you tell me how to group via web?


This is not the correct way to work in SketchUp.

Set Untagged as the active. Start with the first part. Once you have it created the geometry for it, select that geometry, right click on it and choose Make Group. Then move on to modeling the next part. When it is modeled, select its geometry right click and choose Make Group. Continue on in the same way. If you want to control the visibility of the groups you can assign tags to them and then turn them off and on as desired.

Groups and components are containers that hold geometry. They also provide separation and prevent geometry sticking to other geometry.

Here are examples:

A bunch of geometry drawn, selected and right click. Choose Make Group or Make Component.
Screenshot - 5_25_2020 , 9_35_49 AM

Here is a component selected. Entity Info shows the tag assigned to it as ‘Rails’.

With the component open for editing and the geometry selected, Entity Info shows it as Untagged which is correct.

And with the Rails tagg set to not be shown, the components that have the Rails tag are not displayed in the model.


thanks for your answer. Really thanks that you are tring to help me!

Now I do some test and I will reply to you ASAP!


Good luck.

By the way, as nice as it is to see your model with materials applied to it, I would suggest that you wait until the model is complete or nearly complete to add them. They can mask problems with the geometry and make it more difficult to do your modeling work.

Hi! Thanks you!

Now it is all ok!!! Very very many thanks!


You don’t assign objects to tags; you assign tags to objects. And nothing is in a tag or on a tag, it has a tag.

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