Copy group to different layer without it being dependent on the original group

Hi! I have tried to copy group to different layer but the new group is dependent on the original group when I unactivate layers. When I unactivate the new group, the original also disappears. I have moved them to different layers for sure. What do I do wrong? I just downloaded sketchup 2020 and there was not this problem in sketchup free. I try to do floorplan and copy walls to different layer from 2D layer. Thanks!

You might have assigned some of the entities inside your group to tags(layers) other than untagged(layer0). That would then cause confusion when you hide tags(layers). Upload your SketchUp file here so we can see what you’ve done.

I tried to draw floorplan on layer 0 and then copied it to a new layer and then moved the original plan also on different layer. It worked. So the idea is to draw on layer 0 and only after move them to their own layers? Thank for your quick tip! :slight_smile:

Layers were renamed as tags in SketchUp 2020 and that’s what your profile says so I’ll just call them tags from now on.

Not quite, it’s best to leave all basic geometry like edges and faces on untagged. Only assign other tags to groups and components. You’re not really moving them to another tag, you’re just assigning tags to objects.

Okey, but I am designing a house and I have to put 2D floor its own tag, walls to their own ( with windowns, doors etc) and furnitures their own because I have to work with 3D model and also with 2D floorplan. Without and with walls and furnitures, depending on situation. Tags are very useful with this.

Maybe I had some geometry missing from group like you said and because of that it didnt worked, thanks!

You can still do this. Just make sure each wall or floor plan is made into a group or component then change the tag of the group/component.

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If you can upload your model (.skp file) to the forum, or to a file sharing service like Dropbox if it is too big and provide a link to it, we might be able to help further with your issue. At least see why you are having this problem.

To do that, either drag the file from File Explorer to a new post in the forum, or if it won’t upload because it is too big, put it on a file sharing service and provide a link