One group, multiple layers

I have drawn a small shed.
I made it a group.
I can place that group into one layer.
How can I place it into another layer so I can edit it on the new layer?
Whenever I attempt to move the group into a different layer, it will delete it from the previous layer.

Layers, now called tags, are just something you assign to groups and component purely for visibility purposes. They are just there so you can turn them on and off.
You don’t move things to layers, you assign them a layer tag. The raw geometry contained within the group or component should remain assigned to Layer 0 (untagged in newer versions).
Layer 0 should remain the active layer at all times, there are a few reasons to change that but you really need to know why before you do it.
By leaving Layer 0 active and the raw geometry within the group assigned to Layer 0 it doesn’t matter what layer is assigned to you group when it comes to editing it.
Why do you feel the need to move it?

I’m not sure what you are expecting to accomplish but you could make a copy of the shed and give it a different Layer/Tag than the first one.

As Box wrote, layers/tags are given objects (groups and components) in SketchUp.

Perhaps you could explain what you hope to achieve by having two copies of the group with different layers/tags. Maybe we can tell you how to get what you are after.

If you really want to do this you can make a copy of your shed by;

  1. select the original
  2. hit Ctrl (Cut)
    3.In the Edit menu select “paste in place”

You will now have 2 copies, one is on top of the other.
Select one of them and move it over.
You can now put each copy on a different layer (tag)

Or just make a copy and set the copy on a new tag, leaving the original on the layer it was.

As a matter of accuracy and semantics, this would be better phrased as:

Assign a new tag to the copy, and leave the original with the same tag/layer as it had before.

In SU you DON’T ‘put anything ON a tag or layer’, you assign a tag or layer TO an object.

Fine. I hate the tag thing anyway. You put tags on clothes in a store or on toes of, well you know, soldiers wear dog tags and so do dogs, etc, etc
SU should have been left with Layers and Layers in Layout should have been changed to Frohees. Good as anything else.

I believe the term layers eminated from a pin drafting system where a pin bar was screwed to the top edge of the good old oak drafting table. The drawing sheets had correlating holes to align the paper or mylar.

Different parts of a drawing were then drawn on different “layers” of paper and could be combined as appropriate because they aligned properly.

So, I m thinking layers really means something else all together than how we use the word today.

Just a little history.

You put tags on objects in SketchUp. You don’t put objects on tags or layers in SketchUp.