How to add item to existing group

I made a group and added it to a layer but would like to add further items to the group / layer.

Open the group for editing and add the geometry. If you’ve already created the geometry, select it, use Edit>Cut to cut it to the clipboard. Then open the group for editing (right click on it and choose Edit Group) and then use Edit>Paste in place.

FWIW, nothing in SketchUp gets added to a layer (or tag in 2020). Layers/tags are given to objects (groups and components) all edges and faces should have Layer 0/Untagged given to them.



Double click on the group, it will open it and you’ll be able to modify it.
as for the layers, which are now “Tags”, make sure only groups or components are tagged, every ungrouped geometry inside them should be “untagged”

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Open the group for edit to add or modify contents. You should probably review the help documents about tags (formerly layers), as you wording suggests you are confused about the difference between them and groups or components. In a nutshell, groups and components isolate collections of geometry so that they don’t interact with others. Tags just mark components or groups to control the visibility (and a few other properties) of several at the same time.

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If i click the group it turns blue, then when i right click and choose edit group it seems to deselect the group and turns into black again ? I was wondering could it be because the group needs to be first removed from the tag/layer?

No. It just means you are now inside the group so you can make changes–add or modify geometry. It has nothing to do with the tag or layer assigned to the group.

Again, objects do not get put on layers in SketchUp. I think you’d find the whole Layer/Tag thing much easier to deal with if you change that thinking.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply, your great is greatly appreciated.

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Hopefully it helped.

In case you want a little more, here’s an analogy that will hopefully clarify things.

A bunch of jelly beans. This is like your loose, ungrouped geometry.
Screenshot - 11_16_2020 , 9_22_39 AM

The jelly beans in a jar. This is like putting your loose geometry into a group.

If you want to make changes to the jelly beans in the jar, you have to open the jar. (Open the group for editing.)

If you are going to use a tag, you add it to the jar, not to the jelly beans. The group is given the tag/layer) not the edges and faces inside.

When you want to make changes to the contents of the jar, it doesn’t matter what the tag is on the outside. You simply open the container and make the changes.

Maybe instead of jelly beans, think of strawberry jam as the loose geometry. It’ll stick to everything unless you put it in a jar.


Thanks for the jelly beans analogy Dave, I think i now have a better understand how groups and tags work.
In the screenshot you will see i created a group for the outside walls, but then realized
I had left parts of the wall out of the group. I tried to add them to the group without having to start over again by exploding the group. If i right click anywhere in the group and select edit the dotted line appears as i believe it should, when i then click on the line i wish to add it just highlights that piece of geometry only ?

Yes. The dotted line box indicates you’ve opened the group for editing.

When you click on that edge, you are first closing the group since the edge is outside of the group. As I wrote in my first post, you need to select the edge first and cut it to the clipboard. Then open the group for editing and paste in place to put the edge inside.

When I selected the edge and cut to clipboard the bounded area turns grey, then selecting the group and paste in place it has not added the edge to the group, i know could just explode the whole and start again but would like to learn why it is not working.

This shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds like it is for you. Maybe you should upload the .skp file. Make sure you indicate which edge you are working with.

Dave thanks for offering to look at the file, but it seems i had corrupted the file in some way. I have redrawn it now and it is all working fine.
Thanks again for all your help.and support.

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