Trouble assigning different tag to copy of object

Hey everyone––I’m new to Sketchup and am having trouble assigning a copy of an object a different tag than the original. I’ve attached a video attempting to explain the issue. I’ve exploded the copy, grouped it, and assigned it a new tag. But, when I hide the tag assigned to the original object the copy disappears as well. I want the copy to be on a separate layer so that hiding the tag of the original leaves the copy visible.

Here is a video illustrating the issue: Sketchup Issue on Vimeo

Thank you so much for your help!

When you explode an object, the contents are given the tag of that object. Even if you make a new group and give the group a different tag, the contents will have the tag of the previous group. Open the group and select all inside. Then in Entity Info, remove the tag and set it to Untagged.

Problem solved! Thank you so much!!!