Nested Groups

Having nested groups, with the groups inside on different tags works fine for SU and Layout so why doesn’t it work with TC. I can turn those tags off and the groups inside a nested group that are on those tags will not be visible in SU but not in TC. I am trying to really like TC but it’s things like this that are so irritating.

Yes, it won’t respect the ‘nested’ hierarchy of tagged groups and components and that can be frustrating.
There are two way’s how you could handle this and one might sound rigourous.

Split the model

You can split up the model in smaller parts (eg. Ground floor, Level 1, etc) and load those models all together in the 3D Viewer.
Each Tag in these models are displayed in the Layerpanel with preceding model name

Use the Data table

If your objects are named with a descriptive naming system you can do a search in the data table and choose ‘Select in 3D’
You can then save those in the organiser for feature reference or download csv etc.

Or (drag) select in the model and click the ‘Show selected’ option in the Data table

I wish we could use the ‘Assembly selection’, though, but it will only respect the Tekla way of mapping groups.

The recent update of the web based 3D Viewer now respects the hierarchy of the model:

Well that’s good news.

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