SketchUp Tag Functionality in Trimble Connect

I’m looking to understand how SketchUp publishes and Trimble Connect reads SketchUp Tag assignments:
Q1: If a SketchUp component is assigned to a Tag but is simply a container for other unassigned nested components (i.e. has no geometry itself), Trimble Connect seems to read this all as Layer0 and not the desired object Tag - is that correct?
Q2: Similar to Q1 above, the Ifc entity assignment is also not read/recognised?
Q3: IfcBuildingStorey components assigned a complimentary storey Tag are however read with the correct Tag name but the Layer in Trimble Connect has no functionality - doesn’t toggle visibilityon/off

Is there any documentation on how SketchUp model organisation and Tag assignments are published to Trimble Connect so that the model organisation maintains functionality in TC?