How are you, a SketchUp user, taking advantage of Trimble Connect?

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In it, @MikeWayzovski asserts

To which I feel inclined to reply:

“Full Advantage” means different things to different people! Speaking only for myself, I have two very particular uses for TC which, taken together, are - for me - advantageous enough!

  1. I’m using it to allow a friend to examine/criticize a few models of a family (intentional, not blood related) rural vacation/retirement compound that we’re fairly serious about creating. He’s not interested enough in the actual modeling to bother with SketchUp himself, so I’m sharing it with him - and only him - through TC. He can use the built in view to know exactly where I am in the modeling process, and with two clicks, he can be in Web based Sketchup in order to turn tags on/off to see what wasn’t visible on my screen when last I saved.

  2. I have a legitimate use of SketchUp for my employer. It’s not core to their business, but it is useful. Since my own SketchUp Pro (Classic version) already has two computers on which I’ve installed it - AND because on general principles, I think my employer needs a commercial use allowed license of their own, my employer OK’ed a SketchUp Pro subscription for the business.
    But I work roughly half my time from home! So I use TC and Trimble Connect Synch to keep my work related SketchUp (and Layout) files available to me from wherever I’m working.
    And that’s the 3rd reason I had my employer buy a Pro subscription - that they didn’t pay for my personal Pro Classic installation! I don’t mind their making use of it while I’m working from home since I’m far more productive on some of my assigned tasks when I’m allowed to work from home, I’m not going to deny them that part of my skill set, but they need to bear the cost of someones “commercial use allowed” license.

Admittedly, this isn’t taking “Full Advantage” of all Trimble Connect has to offer the building industry, but it’s full enough for me!