Sketchup scenes are not retrieved by Trimble Connect

this is a big lack, from my point of view
i can create views of the model in Trimble connect, but why would i have to do the job twice, since i have done it already in sketchup?

Can you be more specific? What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Are you referring to the online SketchUp viewer?

sketchup 2021
i don t see how i can complete my profile
sketchup viewer for mobile android and sketchup viewer for desktop both retrieve scenes made in sketchup pro

Click on the G in the green circle, upper right corner of the forum page. Then Preferences and Preferences again.

So you’re saying you don’t get scenes in the online viewer?

The mobile viewers are SketchUp file viewers, with render options similar as the desktop and webapp.
Trimble Connect can render different filetypes as well, Revit, IFC, Tekla etc.and also .skp files.
There is no common thing called scenes in the others, but you can make views in TC of (multiple!) files, name and group them, have multiple active section cuts etc.
It kind of depends what you are looking for and might reduce the number of scenes in SketchUp if you plan to set up views in TC anyway.
Otherwise use the SketchUp file itself?
The way that scenes work in SketchUp is kind of evolved into a complicated list of properties to remember with all kind of extra render options that don’t exist in the webbased viewer. If implemented, some of them would be lost anyway, I guess.
There are some extra options in Trimble Connect for Windows, like sun settings and backgrounds and realistic rendering of materials.

the reason why i try to use TC is to avoid putting on line the sketchup file itself
TC as options to limit the access to the sketchup file, but does not keep the scenes
sketchup viewer keeps the scenes, but you have to send the file itself to share the informations it contains

Thank you for the explanation anyway, i understand better the situation

i completed my profile, there was not much to add
i don’t get in the online viewer Trimble connect, the scenes i make in sketchup, yes
i am looking for a way to show the scenes without uploading the sketchup file itself

If for a pitch or competition and you suspect someone will run away with your design, you can export your scenes as an image and share those. When a project gets closer to an agreement, it might be time to share more stuff.
Sharing in the preliminary phase has some downsides, but if you set it up right and agree upon with other stakeholders, all could benefit.
The building process is evolving in a more collaborative way, regardless.

yes, i do that also
sharing a set of screenshots of the scenes, PDF format
it helps; but there are so much more informations in a 3D model…
it would have been nice to have the equivalent of sketchup desktop viewer, but online
thank you for the advice

What version of SketchUp are you using?

Yeah, it would be nice if the scenes would transfer.

Do you know how to let your project members open the model in SketchUp for Web? If you haven’t seen it, you can preview it at and can see all of your Trimble Connect SKP files there as well. I’m guessing this is what you’re looking for by “the equivalent of sketchup desktop viewer, but online.”
When they enter the Project folder in Trimble Connect, have them click on the checkbox to the left of the skp file (it only looks like a checkbox once it’s hovered over). Then an option pops up on the right to “Edit in SketchUp”.
I don’t have an example file to play with right now to see if someone without editing permissions still sees this option, or if they instead see nothing, or maybe sees “Open in SketchUp.” Things change and update so fast with TC and SU for Web, I try not to act sure about things unless I can test them that day.
Want to do a test with me? Feel free to send me a private message and we’ll run a test scenario for someone without editing permissions being able to see the SU model in SU for Web (or not - we’ll find out for sure).

They can also go to themselves, click on the Trimble Connect button on the Home page, and see if they can find the files there themselves. - Want to have them test that and let us know if there are any hiccups?
My SKP files show their scenes in the SU for Web viewer online.

There is one hiccup, if someone wants to ‘Edit in SketchUp’ this way they need to have an active Trimble ID, something that the OP mentioned in another thread. Although it usually goes well and people getting more and more sign in’s and identities, they still have to do it.

( The OP also mentioned in this thread that he didn’t wanted to share the .SKP itself )

Check this file with options ‘public link’ and ‘View’ only, open in an incognito or private tab of the browser:

It only opens the 3D viewer without options to download:

i had not realised there was a link between Trimble connect and Sketchup for web

i uploaded a file in Trimble connect and then, using the link you gave ( i have been able to view it with scenes

this is what i was looking for, thank you !

model view in Trimble connect

model view in sketchup for web

it is much better

and scenes are available

i have set the model ‘view only’ in Trimble connect and sent a web link to my client; i have to check if it is downloadable by him, or not

if not, my problem will be almost solved; the client still needs to have a Trimble account, but i can do with it

maybe playing with the settings gets better results:

Check the hamburger menu on the top left next to the name in the 3D viewer:

If a stakeholder can open up in SketchUp webapp, they cannot save to the original located file in the cloud project, but they can download or copy paste, so here is something for the web-app team to considerate…

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i tried to change graphics settings

with a line at the edges, it is nice for objects close to the camera, but not so much for distant objects.

thank you for the information

" If a stakeholder can open up in SketchUp webapp, they cannot save to the original located file in the cloud project, but they can download or copy paste, so here is something for the web-app team to considerate…"

so the ‘view only’ parameter setup in Trimble connect is not recognised if Sketchup Webapp?
if so, SketchUp webapp is not a safe way to share the model

Well, it kind of depends how one looks at it. One could also take screenshots from the web viewer or shared pdf’s etc. It’s not that hard to model from images.
What are you afraid of? If someone messes up a version, just delete it. All uploads are saved. Worried about a client going to another contractor? At least you have a list of activities where everything in the project is recorded.
I certainly wish this was available in my contracting days, even though I only shared pdf’s.

Jack helped me do a test, he shared a project folder with a SKP file with me in TC, with the user setting that I could “View and Download” (There is also an option to just be able to View) and unfortunately, there was no option to view the TC file in SketchUp For Web. I could view it in the TC Viewer. I could download it as Read Only, but I could also easily make a “Save As” and edit that one, so “View and Download” could allow a customer to take your design model elsewhere, if they were savvy enough to know how to do it, just FYI, so if that’s a concern, then “View Only” would be better.
I don’t work on the TC side of things, so this was good to know.
I’m going to make a note to our Customer Success team that users who want to show designs with scenes without compromising security (no downloads allowed) currently don’t have a way to show the design online with scenes through TC.
I know that both TC and SketchUp For Web are growing and developing all the time. This looks like an ideal and logical development step.
Meanwhile, @glro - glad that you can at least view these models yourself! And if your collaborator is someone you can trust, then if you give them “edit” permissions on that Trimble Connect project folder, they should be able to view the model in SketchUp For Web. Any changes they make will show up in the Version History in both TC and SketchUp For Web, so you won’t lose any work if they accidentally mess things up.

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Thank you for writing this note; i think being able to share scenes of the model made in sketchup, without sharing the model itself, would be an improvement

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