Very Slow Sketchup

If you examine the Intel Support table at the following page, you’ll see that your machine is not supported under Win 10.

And this page shows that support for HD 3000 ended for all operating systems just over 2 years ago

For general Intel graphics support information under MS Windows 10 …

I know you likely are not fond of hearing this, … but your 2nd generation CPU is beyond end of life.
Currently Intel is shipping 7th and 8th generation processors, with 9th generation expected to release next month.

It is past time to consider a newer machine with say a 5th or 6th generation CPU, even if it is used or refurbished.

From one of the SketchUp development team members (a year and a half ago) …

You other alternative is to see how your old machine works using the browser based SketchUp for Web editions.