White Screen on startup..Graphics card?

Hi @Archie1119, Intel HD 2000 (and 3000) graphics is an interesting GPU family for SketchUp. On the one hand, it supports OpenGL 3.0 which is good for SU 2017. On the other hand, it is no longer officially supported on Windows 10 which is unfortunate.

We have been able to work around this issue in SU 2017 by running in compatibility mode on Windows 10 which allows Windows 10 to use a legacy driver for this GPU. Even though this works for the time being, the lack of official support from Intel indicates that HD 2000 will continue to be a problematic GPU for any 3D application (not just SketchUp).

Could you grab your SU undo log* for one of these sessions? I’m interested to see if SketchUp is reporting OpenGL errors when you’re seeing these rendering errors.

* At c:/users/<your_user_name>/AppData/Local/Temp/SketchUp-YYYY-MM-DD-HH_MM_SS.log. Note that this file is deleted when you successfully exit SketchUp so you must make a copy of it while SU is running.

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