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Hi, I’m new to Sketch Up having only downloaded it a couple of days ago. It seems to be working OK apart from one thing - it is very slow to respond, especially the basic cursor/selection tool which takes at least 5 seconds to select a simple straight line.
I’ve looked around and I am aware that similar problems seem to have been reported by others but because I’m new I have no previous experience to base it on, so I don’t know if it is just me doing something silly or if I have the same issues.

I am running the latest “upgrade” to Windows 10 ( as of last week). I’ve downloaded and used the SU Checkup, which confirms that my PC is compatible. My save directory is on my hard drive, not cloud based.

If anyone can suggest a solution I’d be very grateful.

Search is your friend.

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As is earning the “Read Guidelines” badge.

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Hi Philipy-

Welcome to SketchUp! It’s likely that you’re running into one of these issues:

The first possibility is that your machine has a particular update installed which is known to cause unreasonable slowdown in SketchUp. There’s a thread with exhaustive discussion of this topic - I wish I had a more concise description for you, but roughly speaking I believe the fix is to uninstall this particular Microsoft update.

The next most likely possibility is an issue with the graphics card driver on your system. The Intel HD integrated graphics cards are known to cause problems if the graphics driver is not completely updated to the latest. You should be able to find more exact guidance if you search the forum for your exact card number (e.g. HD 4500, HD 5000, etc).


Thanks for the reply Marc.

I had seen the big thread but gave up trying to get anything meaningful from it I’m afraid, I’m not much of a geek when it comes to computer innards. There seem to be several updates which have been fingered on that thread as the culprit, but when I looked to see if I could uninstall them, I can’t see that any of them have been installed in the first place. However the recent system update on 6th June seems to have redated the installs of nearly all of my previously installed programs to 6th June, and Windows Update doesn’t show anything installed before that, either.
My graphics card is an onboard one and no model number is shown so I can’t look for specific info on that. I’ve checked the driver for updates and it says that I have the most up to date one, even though it is dated back in 2015.

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