Extremely slow response time any action

I have a machine I just bought because of problems with my main machine, it’s a Lenovo Think Centre, 3.1 ghz quad core, I added 4g more memory to boost to 8GB (7.80 gb usable), Video is at recommended 1920x1080, Video card is intel. DXDiag reports it is an Intel HD with 1792 meg total, 96 meg display memory. Windows report it has the latest drivers.

When trying to use Sketchup Make 2017 it can take an unbelievable 8 seconds - |I timed it by clock ticks - to respond to a mouse click just to try to select a side in a rectangle. Even on less powerful computers I’ve never seen this kind of poor performance, But it was with earlier versions, so I’m not sure if it’s because there’s something wrong or Sketchup is bloated. Task Manager says that Explorer is runniong 31% which seems high, otherwise it looks like Sketchup isn’t using a whole lot of processor. |I’m not sure why Ske5tchup is running so slow compared with other computers I’ve run it on.,

Can you post the model number of your Intel card and the driver version?

Also, you may want to check out this thread:


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