Very frequent crash (not a bug splat) Pro 21

I am experiencing this crash in SU 21 for the first time on a new system running Windows 11.

The new laptop is an HP Omen 16-c0006na Ryzen 7, RX 6600M.

I would appreciate any help or insight into where I might be going wrong.

Thank you all.

When does the crash occur?

Was SketchUp installed correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

Have you updated the graphics drivers directly from the GPU manufacturer?

Start by upgrading everything you can

  • get the latest graphics driver from AMD
  • check that you are running the latest maintenance version of SketchUp
  • note that SketchUp 2021 is not officially supported on Windows 11
  • if you are using extensions, try disabling them. If crashing stops, try identifying the culprit by re-enabling them one by one.
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Yes, installed as administrator.

Now updating the graphics drivers.

Thank you for your quick reply.

The crash was occurring most when using the orbit tool.

Updating the graphics drivers seems to have worked though, so thank you for that simple advice.

All the best,

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Hi Anssi

Thank you for your quick reply.

Updating the graphics drivers seems to have fixed the problem.

Thank you very much indeed,

Good deal. One of the things I dislike most about moving into a new computer is you have to update pretty much all of the software on it because it’s old by the time you get to unpacking the computer from the box.

It didn’t even cross my mind. Will always remember this simple procedure from now on though.

Thanks again.

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Hi I’ve got the same problem I’ve got HP Omen 16-C0322NW with Windows 11 and GPU GX 6600M.
I updated everything on my computer, (windows, GPU software etc.)
unfortunately often on my screen appear crash with lot of spots on screen and BUGSPLAT dialog box
Do you have any ideas what’s wrong?

Typically the sort of thing you describe is traced to bad graphics drivers. Go to the Radeon site and get their latest drivers to install. After installing them, make sure SketchUp is installed correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer, choosing Run as administrator and then Repair. After all that do a power off reboot of the computer and see if things work better.

ok TY i will try to do that

still the same, lot’s spots on screen and “no answer”, have u any ideas?

Look in SketchUp’s Preferences>OpenGL and see what graphics card it is using.

Are you running your computer on battery?

I always work with charger,
graphics is ok

update: the problem is like on video.
problem is only when I have GPU RX6600M switch on. when only Radeon graphics is on in device menager problem doesn’t exist.

any ideas?

I am facing the same problem as well, does anyone know a fix?

Did this just start happening? Do you get Bug Splats? If so, are you sending in the reports with something that would identify them as coming from you? If you read this thread you will see that other users have reported that is has to do with their graphics drivers. Try updating the graphics drivers directly from the manufacturer. Then do a cold reboot of your computer and see if that changes anything.

This didn’t end up working. It is like pushing water up a hill.

Did it work for awhile?

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Simple geometry, still crashing every 5 minutes.