SketchUp 2024 crashing too often

Hello, this is my first time posting so I’m not sure which information I’m supposed to include.

I use SketchUp every day for my landscape design business. I recently purchased a HP Zbook Firefly G10 Mobile Workstation, and downloaded SketchUp 2024 (I used 2023 on my previous laptop).

Since using v2024, SketchUp crashed a lot more often than when I used 2023 on my previous laptop (an Asus ROG Strix). Almost every time that I “repeat” use the offset tool by double-clicking, but right now it crashed just because I tried to open the Sketch Up warehouse.
This is working on a 2D Plan, so not involving super heavy objects.

Why do you think it is doing this and what can I do to make it stop? Should I go back to using SU 2023? Or is the issue from my laptop?

Thanks for your help


Is your graphics driver up to date from the manufacturer?

Did you try changing back to the old graphics engine in SketchUp settings / preferences?

Do you use any plugins? If yes, have you tried disabling them all and seeing if they might be causing the problem?

We did update SketchUp on Tuesday. Try a check for update inside SketchUp to see if you have the new version. There were a few crashing issues fixed in the update.

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I just did the latest update, restarted my laptop and then did a test by using the offset tool - double click to repeat. After only the second one it crashed. I sent a report - Crash #54773

To answer bmike, I do not use any plugins. I did not try changing back to the old graphics card yet. And yes my graphics driver is up to date, I just found out how to check that! Thanks

Thank you very much for your help!

Quite the reverse, computers sit in storage before you buy them so they can be months out of date. Generally the first thing you should do with a new PC is update all the drivers.

I’ve just tried the same things after changing back to the old graphics engine, but still it crashes. I didn’t send a report this time but I can re-do it if needed.

Thanks! You replied too fast :wink: I edited my answer to say actually I found out how to check and the driver is up to date.

Make sure you go to the Intel site and check, don’t trust windows to tell you it is up to date.

New update (24.0553) didn’t change crashing problem for me. The problem just gets worse. Now the file can be opened only from the 3rd, 4th or even 5th attempt. But it works fine after that. It crashes quite rarely.

Thanks, I did and there was an update for the driver, which I installed. But it didn’t fix the crashing problem with Sketch Up

One thing that’s not been mentioned…
Did you install SketchUp ‘properly’ ?
You can do a ‘Repair’ which will not affect anything, but might fix some file/folder permission issues and other unpredictable weirdness, which can result from an incorrect installation…
Here’s what to do…
Close SketchUp.
Find the latest installer’s exe file - usually in your Downloads folder.
Select its icon and right-click > ‘Run as administrator’…
When prompted choose ‘Repair’.
When it’s finished try running SketchUp again and see if it helped - it’ll certainly do no harm…
Installing an exe file by double-clicking it to ‘Run’ is not the same process, even if your user-account has admin-powers - unpredictable weirdness can ensue later on !
This is particularly noticeable when changes to settings or preferences are not remembered during or across sessions…

Could you make a screen recording of you doing the actions that lead to the crash, and also let me try the model you are using? The crashing isn’t happening for us, but there may be a specific action you are doing, or something about the model that makes it be different to what we’re trying.

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Yes, always send the BugSplat reports in. A comparison of the two reports using difference engines might show the “common denominator” of the crash.

Also, the numbers of specific kinds of crashes are tallied and help the SketchUp Team know what to focus upon.

Test.skp (105.1 KB)

The video recording stops when Sketch Up crashes - last crash report Crash #56131

Sketch Up crashed when I use the offset tool no matter if it’s within a model I am working on or a brand new file with nothing in it.

Thanks for your help

PS: I did the “run as administrator” - “Repair” as another user suggested earlier.

When you did the offset in the upper right rectangle it was a different amount. I think that the double click read as a click-move-click, and so created a new offset distance. That then double-clicked ok on the next rectangle, but crashed on the one after that.

Even the first offset seems strange. You had dragged to a particular place, then the offset jumped outwards from where you were at the time.

I still get no crash when trying to copy your steps, in your file. A developer already looked at your earlier bugsplat, I will ask him to look at the new one.

It doesn’t matter how I do the offset, honestly I have done it 100 times now, it keeps happening. That’s I have always done offsets in Sketch Up 2023 and it never crashed.

See attached another video if it. Crash #56275

Sorry I sent the same video as last time. here’s the correct one

I’ve noticed more crashes with 2024 as well. Just keep working with it.

After reading the numerous “crashing” comments about SU 2024, I’m wondering what are the advantages of this upgrade.

well you only hear from the people crashing so… for everyone else, it’s faster, you get ambiant occlusion, various fixes

I’m still waiting for my first crash on both mac and PC.