SketchUp 2024 crashing too often

Hi Colin, did you stop looking into my issue…?

Yes I did! But don’t worry, we found that other reports were coming in, that although they were different actions than you were doing, were leading to the same type of crash. And so a couple of colleagues and some developers are all looking into the problem.


You’re honestly saying you’ve never experienced sketchup crashing on either platform?

We could probably look up how many unique user starts versus unique user crashes we have… and I don’t think those numbers would be anywhere near each other.

That said, please continue to report in detail what’s happening in your crashes, and we’ll address them as quick as we can. Put as much detail as you can into bugsplats. Individually, it may not seem like it matters, but collectively it REALLY helps.


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on 24 ? nope, not yet.

edit : off course, because of my activity here, I’ve made SU crash on purpose a couple of times following specific cases described by people.
but no while working normally no.

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That’s interesting. I was very similar until two days ago when I was issued a brand new M3 Max MacBook. I installed SketchUp Pro fresh on a vanilla machine, and had full crashes within a few minutes. Total freeze and auto reboots, and SU doesn’t even seem to think it happened as there is no file recovery or bug splat.

That’s understandable - did you read the M3 workarounds? Search the forums for them.


I did, and I think turning off anti aliasing worked. I feel like I need the new graphics engine though :slight_smile:

I had this issue as well. The dev team told me there is an issue with dual monitors, which I use, and 3rd party extensions. I updated to the latest SU2024 update and it still occurs on occation, so I am using 2023 in production as it cost me a deadline with a client for a variance hearing. No Bueno! One thing that somewhat worked was: close Sketchup then to go into your c://users/%%username%%/app data/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2024/sketchup/ and rename the “*Preferences.json” or delete it. Start up Sketchup 2024 and it will rebuild that file and reinstate your toolbar and extention setup. This worked for me, but I still don’t trust it. This is the first time I’ve had an issue with any version of Sketchup and I’ve been using it since it’s inception in the 90’s. It seems this version was brought to market too quickly and more development should have gone into it prior to its release.

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Good news, I haven’t had a crash since my last message about a week ago, and today I tested the offset tool (how I always got it to crash), and didn’t have any issues :slight_smile:


LOL my version crashes so fast i can’t click fast enough to check for updates. will restart 4th time now, and try again. some little bug in there for sure.

hmm crashed again. its a super simple little file just whipped up to show a quick idea to a client.
fridge and microwave only .skp (634.7 KB)

Crashes occur every time I use the dimension line tool.

What version of macOS are you running?

I have an older MacBook running 12.7.5 and that is as high as it will accept.

Its been solid. However something is amiss. I tried opening the (600kb) sketchup file in SU 2023 and the same crash behaviour occurred.

Randy Ettinger
David Randolph Studio

Unfortunately, your integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100 is one that is not supported for the new graphics engine using Metal on Mac. See: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

You may need to edit the JSON file to force SketchUp to use the older OpenGL engine.
@colin has posted about this in other topics and is knowledgeable on the Mac systems.

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It opened fine for me on MS Windows 10 platform, both SketchUp versions 2023 and 2024.

Use 2024. In preferences, just use classic graphics.