Constant Crashes After Updating to 2024

I downloaded Sketchup 2024 on Windows this morning. I then started work for the day, and can’t get more than 15-30 seconds into adjusting previous models before I get a software crash. This is very frustrating as this is my main software for work. Thinking I might need to revert back to 2023?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Computer Info:
Window 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
3090 Kingpin
64gb Ram

Thanks Lexxar,

I will try this!

removed 2023, still having crashing issues.

sketchup 23 has nothing to do with your 24 crashing Jermo.

actually, considering your 24 is crashing, it might be better to keep 23 installed too.
you can have both installed and running at the same time, no trouble on that side. most advanced users have several versions on their machines, usually the last 2.

Now, there are 2 sides here. First, to make sure you can work, install su23 by right clicking on the installer and running it as admin. test it, if it’s fine, we can move on to 24.

First of all, when it crashes, do you get a bugsplat ? if so, do you send it ? if you send your bugsplats, @colin can have a look at them and pinpoint your problem.
meanwhile… let’s try some things to diagnose your problem a bit better, let’s rue out common issues

First thing I’d try is to repair 24’s install. Same as above, right click on 24’s installer, then run as admin, and here, choose repair. This should make sure your install is clean, no problem.

from there, did you migrate plugins from 23 to 24 or not yet ?
if you did, try removing them (empty the plugin folder) and see if it solves it. could be a bas plugin.
if not… then it’s not the problem :slight_smile:

You mention it crashes while you adjust previous model, does it crash with a brand new model too ? if a new model doesn’t crash, the problem could be in your existing file you’re trying to use.

If you open a new model, can you very quickly go to preferences / graphics and choose the classic engine ? most crashes in 24 are due to the new engine, DX12, acting up with sketchup and some configs. THe fact that you"re using windows 10 still could indicate your machine is a bit older, and DX12 won’t work well with sketchup. the classic engine is the same as 23, so that should fix it if it’s engine related

since you have a Nvidia GPU, there should be an app named NVIDIA control panel. there, you can choose to use your good GPU on sketchup (you can force it). again, it could help.

There is another app you can download called Geforce Experience. It’s an app from Nvidia to manage your GPU, keep it up to date. again, can’t hurt.


Thank you for the follow up Ateliernab.

I did have 22 and 23 actually. removed them, but yeah brought back 23 and have not had any issues with this. couldn’t even get Vray to work right with 24. kept asking for me to authenticate.

so yes, I went back and am using 23 right now.

I was getting bugsplats (recorded 2 of the numbers, #30418 (5/1/24), #31945 (5/2/24). probably had a dozen or more yesterday before I gave up and went to CAD for the day. haha

Will try repairing again to see if anything shakes loose.

I will remove all plug ins and try this.

New models had the same issue.

I will test with classic engine as well if removing plug in doesnt fix

Nvidia is all updated as is Experience.

Will give these a try later today and see if we cant get things up and running smoothly.

Thanks again

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well, at least, you’re not blocked, you can work. that’s the most important thing

if @colin comes around he can now check your splats #30418 (5/1/24), #31945 (5/2/24) and tell you more precisely what’s wrong :slight_smile:

The up,date yesterday makes it worse, what is going on?
I have extension dropping off
Mac Intel Mac with external graphics card.

answered here

but please start a new separate thread since you’re on a mac and these are PC threads.