Upgrading to 2020 version, requires accelerated graphics card. Am I now required to purchase a new laptop?

I’ve been using ASUS laptop for at least 5 years with Sketchup Pro. When I tried to upgrade to version 2020, it now requires that I have an accelerated graphics card. If I can’t upgrade the graphics card Intel HD Graphics on my laptop, am I now required to purchase a new laptop just to run Sketchup?

What version of SketchUp are you currently using?

Integrated graphics cards have never been recommended for SketchUp. If you were using an old version that allowed for graphics processing to be done by the CPU, your graphics card wouldn’t have been a problem. The option to do that was removed three or four versions back, though, so you need to have a suitable GPU.

2020 should work ok if 2017 or later was already, but since version 2019.2 I think there has been a message you see that can be confusing.

If you see something that talks about how you have an integrated GPU, and you have an option to proceed anyway, go ahead and proceed. When you are then, hopefully, doing some modeling, if you see strange artifacts, go into Window, Preferences, OpenGL, and check the box next to Use fast feedback.

I’m currently using the 2018 version. When I upgraded to 2020 it gives me the notice that I need an accelerated graphics card.

Here’s the message from Sketchup Errors message box.

The following errors wer found when launching Sketchup:

  • Hardware acceleration is unsupported or has been disabled on your graphics card. Sketchup requires that you use a hardware accelerated graphics card.

Unfortunately, these errors will prevent Sketchup from running.

See this Help Center article for more information.

option available is “Exit”

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When you open version 2018 and go to the Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL dialog, what do you see there, about your graphics card?
Have you restarted your computer after installing SketchUp 2020?

Vendor: Intel
Renderer: Intel® HD Graphics
GL Version: 3.1.0 - Build

Pixel Format
DBL RGBA:8-8-8-8 Depth:24 Stencil:8 MSAA:4FF:0

No Warnings…

I hadn’t as yet restarted after loading version 2020, but I will do that shortly. Thanks for responding.

I just restarted the computer and the same thing happened. Unable to launch Sketchup 2020. Sketchup 2018 still allows me to open, but there’s something you should be aware of. Several months ago, I think before the first of the year, Sketchup was automatically updated on my laptop without warning and caused me to respond to a licensing agreement, and then I had to reset my styles. This has happened several times. Soon after that occurred, my select option within the model took about 10 seconds to respond. Selecting an item from the Outliner works great but try to select an object from the model takes forever. It’s been quite frustrating.

That’s one of the reasons I thought it was time to upgrade and get the system working properly again, and now it looks like I have to purchase a new laptop computer just to run Sketchup, because there are no options for my ASUS laptop to upgrade the graphics card. I’m certain not a happy camper, because I do a lot of development with Sketchup.

Plus, at the same time that that occurred, my image editor was somehow removed. I query the forum about the issue, and it was mentioned that it could be a problem with the graphics card. But that’s all that was mentioned. So I’ve been searching the web for anything that would help me resolve this dilemma.

SU 2018 wouldn’t automatically update, you generally need to download the update and run it. Windows may have updated. A windows update could install poor drivers for your graphic card, which is a known cause of some selection issues, and possibly remove an ap if it was part of the windows system or incompatible with the windows update.

According to your profile you are using Windows 8. Rather than buying a new laptop, I would check to see if your current hardware would support Windows 10. If it does try that first.

Going into my system under Windows specifications

Edition: Windows 10 Home
Version: 1903
Installed 9/3/2019

Maybe you could correct your profile. That information can help us help you.

Tell your system to accept up dates, there is a later version out. It was released in May to the public.

I’m wondering if I removed Sketchup from the computer, and then reinstalled the 2018 version, that might restore it to the original version that was operating properly. I just don’t know how to got about doing that. I have plenty of other software on my computer that are operating properly, and Sketchup is the only application that is complaining about the graphics card. So my options are to:

  1. Remove Sketchup and reload it from the 2018 version
  2. wipe the hard drive and start over, which does the same as option 1, but I would have to reload all of my applications.
  3. Purchase as new laptop, and reload everything.

It just seems strange to have to purchase a new computer just to run Sketchup.

So, the question is, what file would I look for in order to reinstall Sketchup 2018?

To repair Sketchup right click on the downloaded installer file and select run as administrator then select the repair choice. Removal of the current install is not necessary. the file you are looking for should be in your downloads folder. The file name is SketchUpPro-2018.exe.

I’m not sure what item I should right click. I searched the disk and could not find SketchupPro-2018.exe. It’s been several years since the upgrade to the 2018 version and I could have cleared my downloads directory. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Scott.

Get 2018 Sketchup downloads. It may be a good idea to keep a copy of the file is a secure place for future reference.

I did what you suggested. I downloaded the SketchupPro-en.exe that was listed under the 2018 version. It requested whether to Repair, or Remove. I selected repair hoping that that would resolve the 5 second delay I have experiencing with the select tool within the model. Unfortunately, no change. It still takes about 5 seconds for the select items to display the bounding box when I use the select tool. The Outliner is immediate. When I select and group or component from the list, the object is immediately selected with the bounding box highlighted.

My next option is to Remove SketchupPro and then reinstall it. I’ll need to back up the extensions I’ve developed so that I don’t loose them (I did that once, when I removed the extension for testing, and everything was deleted, including the files that I had been working on). Learned my lesson quickly for that option. I suspect the same will occur when I remove Sketchup altogether.

Any other suggestions before tomorrow. I’m schedule to do a reinstall Saturday evening.

with a sub-par OpenGL support of the used graphics card driver disable the option “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use fast Feedback” for improving the select tool selection speed.