Update to 2022

I downloaded and ran the 2022 installer, that worked fine. However, I can’t figure out how to get my subscription info entered. I did the “manage license” pick which set up a trial version, 30 days. How do I get my Pro info in so I am able to continue using my subription? Thanks

You should be able to sign in with the e-mail license and password you used when you purchased the subscription.

BTW, your profile says you’re still using SU2018. Maybe you could update that.

Dave - thanks for the reply. Funny but I was just searching the forum for posts from you. I was looking for a script that I believe you wrote that will read a components name and make that into the component’s tag name. Somehow in fiddling around installing 2022 I lost that script from 2021. I have used it a LOT and really like it, saves me a lot of time. Can you please point me to where you first posted that script or add it to this thread? Thanks a lot.

Isn’t that what you mean?

Not me but @dezmo

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Perfect, found it and reinstalled. Thanks, you’re a champ!