Cant find license number . directions from sketchup to look up do not work

cant find license number . directions from sketchup to look up do not work.

Do you have a subscription license or a Classic license? Is SketchUp 2021 the version you are using?

The last Classic license I see for you is for 2018. That should be continuing to work on any machine that you have it installed onto.

As Dave suggested, you do have a Pro subscription. With that you can use any version of SketchUp that is 2019 or later. The downloads for 2021 and later are still here:

Normally people will use the latest version they can, which would be 2023 in your case. If you don’t already have it installed, here’s a direct link to the Windows installer:

After it’s installed and you open it, sign in with the same email address you use in the forum.

Yes 2021 but about to upgrade to 2023 I have pro subscription. The problem is that even though I log in and it recognizes me it does not let me use SketchUp until I give it my license…which is what I cant seem to look up using the direction given. I’m putting SketchUp on a new computer and dropping the old one. It keeps telling me I have too many versions but I also can’t seem to deactivate anything.

Maybe I need to just uninstall sketchup from old one and try again on the new computer? That’s scary because I’m afraid Ill be locked out of everything and not be able to work at all.

Thank you. I plan to upgrade to latest as soon as I can get it to run at all :blush: I want to run Pro.

There is no license number with a subscription. It’s just the e-mail address and password you used when you established the subscription.

Thank you for responding . I agree that’s what should happen. I wish that would work… :frowning: our tech folks will solve in the AM I hope.

Maybe you don’t need to wait util the AM to get this sorted. Show a screen shot of the window asking you for the license number.

Activations are managed in the account portal:

In the browser, go to
Check My products > View included apps > Manage Devices in SketchUp area