License ###

Hi everyone, I’m new in this area. I did purchase the license and use about almost a year. Now I update the new version 21.1… install and the program open with trial version. How do check the version I bought and license#. I type in my email and said not in system. Any idea how to retrieve and make it works.

What kind of license did you buy? If it was a subscription there’ll be no license number. Just your e-mail address and password. If it is the subscription license you may need to renew by now.

Thanks DaveR
Is a subscription. I put my email and password it don’t work. Subscription will be end about Nov 29. Must works is for a years. 12(months).
I’m going to try to log it again.

Hopefully you got signed in ok. I checked, and the email to use is the same as the one you use in the forum.