Finding Nemo, maybe he has my license

So, instructions I’ve found on the web for helping me find my license must be for windows because they don’t match to my mac. SketchUp 2022
Any and all help is appreciated (I was told an interesting title might get better results)

Can you share the instructions you are trying to follow? That might help us to help you.

Sure, and thanks Aaron.

This is the URL:Finding your SketchUp Pro License Info (Mac) | SketchUp Help
The trouble comes in line 3. 1. Select License from the drop-down menu. You’ll see the dialog box below.

No drop-down menu is shown.

Presumably you have a subscription license, right?

As @DaveR is suggesting, you likely have a subscription while the article you are referencing is for an only perpetual license.

Interesting. The SketchUp Help article made no reference to the type of license. Does that make a difference?

Unfortunately sometimes help files don’t quite keep up with reality, or people see the wrong advice somewhere, always a problem with the internet and things not really having dates on them.

But the old permanent license required an email with your license code, whereas the new system uses a web login. This login is the email address that you used to buy the program. Usually you just need to sign into sketchup with that and away you go. Sometimes you need to ‘manage’ the login to tell it that you are the user. And some times it can get lost if you are using an email that is somehow hidden, like the apple ones.

So for us as users to be able to help we would need a bit more info on what the issue appears to be.

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When you bought it, you should have received an email.
Within that email, there’s probably a link to your AMP.
You sign in with the email where it was sent to.
There, one could see what plan/product is assigned to that email in the ‘Members’ section.

Here’s the link:

I wish that all web pages had a date on them, to show when the page was updated. I don’t know any version of SketchUp that matches those instructions.

I checked though, and you have a subscription. If you are signed in with your 68. gmail address, SketchUp 2022 should be working for you.

Hi Colin,
SketchUp is working just fine. Checking all likely mailboxes, I have a billing account number, and that’s it.
I downloaded a program for converting a pdf for layout, and the program asked me for my license—paid subscription vs trial.
i don’t even remember the program’s name. It was all useless information without the license #.

Thanks for the getback

Add-on’s or extensions can have their own license policy independent from SketchUp licensing.

That is true, Mike, but that is not the issue nor my question. My question has modified a bit over the course of the thread. As a subscriber, do I have a license #, and if I do, where is it?

No. You don’t. Just your email address and password.

[menu] Help > Manage license will direct you to your Management Portal ( where you will find what plan you have.
There’s also a My Products section and if you click on ‘View included apps’ you will see a list of what products are included with that plan.

If you sign in under a different email in the desktop app, the results may differ meaning, it is not dependent on the version of SketchUp that is installed.

When starting up a product (eg. SketchUp, StyleBuilder or Layout) it checks what email is signed in and then if that email has the right plan to actually use the app.