Uninstall sketchup pro 2021 on macOS

How can I clean remove/ uninstall SketchUp Pro 2021?
I’ve deleted SketchUp 2021 folder in Applications. There is no sketchup.plist in /library/preferences.
I’ve emptied trash bin, restarted the macbook

When I reinstall SketchUp Pro, and start up, it goes directly to where I left off.

I’ve missed something but what?

Account specific things (like where you left) reside in the account library :

Use the tilde

sorry, I can’t find ~\Library

Do you mean system/Library/accounts?

the ‘~’ represents the user path:
/Users/jACCOUNTNAMEl/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021

What was the original problem you are trying to solve?

On Mac, in Finder, there is a Go to Folder… option in the Go menu. You can use that and paste in this text to get straight to the folder where the SketchUp support files are:

~/Library/Application Support/

If you paste in this text you will see the preferences file:


Original problem is trying to activate SketchUp Pro 2021 using the activation_info.txt file but I had already started SketchUp Pro.

I found an article on this form (2016 activation_info.txt not working) regarding this for 2016 version and I wanted to try for 2021 version, but it didn’t work, so I thought I might try to uninstall it and reinstall it and do this before starting the program.

If you don’t have a (classic) network license, you need to use the welcome screen > classic licence tab > Add license (or remove).
The activation_info.txt is used to ping the SketchUp servers when a user is starting SketchUp or quiting to keep track of the maximum seats.
But if you have a normal stand alone classic version, quiting does not free up the seat automatically.

Once a classic standalone license is activated ( by that text file or via the Welcome screen ) it uses a SketchUp.lic file to check it’s validity and no longer needs to ping the servers. (You can work offline permanently)