2016 activation_info.txt not working


I’m attempting to install and activate SketchUp Pro 2016 on macOS 10.13 using an educational license. I’ve followed the directions on Authorizing SketchUp with a Laptop License (Educational Institutions) and read these two threads: “Activation_info.txt not working” and “2017 activation_info.txt not working”

  1. I created the folder /Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016
  2. Created the text file activation_info.txt inside of that with a plain text editor and put in our license and authorization.
  3. I launch SketchUp Pro 2016 and it’s licensed to “SketchUp Pro 2016 Trial User”
  4. I click the License tab and select Add License
  5. The Serial Number and Authorization Code fields are blank.

When did you get the license? Are you sure it is for SU2016 and not some other version?

I got the license from our state’s Department of Education. It states our license of 2016 is good until 11/20/2018. The License’s first letter (R) matches up with other 2016 licenses.

if it’s only an installation on a single workstation why not just add the license data to the license tab?

I’m planning to deploy it to several thousand computers, I’m currently testing it.

I wonder if anyone can make sense of this info box on the help page you linked to:

It has an odd mixture of instructions for Windows and Mac. Reading that might make at least me me confuse the different library paths. Dave asks a very valid question about the path you actually used.

The odd page is because it hasn’t been updated for 2018. On the top right, switch it to 2016 and the right folders show up.

Here’s my computer:

adc-nws-12345:~ user$ cd /Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2016/
adc-nws-12345:SketchUp 2016 user$ ls
adc-nws-12345:SketchUp 2016 user$ cat activiation_info.txt

Note: dummy serial and auth code.

I have never used MacOS 10 but the mixture of backward and forward slashes doesn’t look too good to me in your paths. The help page only uses forward slashes. Backslashes ought to belong to Windows.

From the command line, backslashes escape the space character. I’ll use double quotes for you:

adc-nws-12345:SketchUp 2016 user$ cat “/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016/activiation_info.txt”

OK. is the reference to “activiation_info.txt” only a typo in your forum post or in the actual file name?


Hah! Thanks so much!

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