I have an annual subscription for Sketch Pro. I have just installed version 2024 to my Windows machine and can no longer get into Sketchup. The front page says I have too many activations. Since I am the only user I though that must be because I still had versions 2022 and 2023 installed. So I have deleted them but still no joy.
Under My products I have

  • SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan

  • SketchUp Free

  • SketchUp Free
    Under Members

  • There just me
    Under Plan Settings
    SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan

  • Available Seats 0 /1

So, there it is… but why is it zero

Fixed it. Just deauthorised all then logged out then logged in again.

Happy bunny!

For next time/version, uninstalling SketchUp will not free your licence, you have to log out inside SketchUp and don’t even have to uninstall it in order to use a newer version
Glad you sorted it out

It does happen to be the case that uninstalling recent versions of SketchUp on Windows will attempt to sign out that version. Uninstalling all recent versions from all machines would be a slow motion way to deauthorize all devices.

But even then, the new version has to be signed out and signed in again, before the message would clear.

BTW, same thing isn’t true on Mac, where you uninstall by deleting the folder. For both Mac and Windows you can solve the problem in the way Paul suggested, which is to open the older versions of SketchUp, and sign out, before attempting to sign in to the new version for the first time.