Unable to save style to disk

As title says I am unable to save styles to disk in 2021.0.391

Tried on several computers - Windows 10.


  • What are you doing when you saving style? (How are you doing it?)
  • Do you get an error message? What?
  • Do you have this problem in your SketchUp Version: 2020 ?
  • Do you have a right permission to that folder that you want to save to?
  • Did you install SU in a right way? (Right click on a downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator…)

Right clicking on style in palette → save as…


No, I don’t remember that I had. But I cannot check since I don’t have 2020 installed anymore.



How do you know that it is not saved? Don’t you see If you browse with Windows explorer?

Would you please so kind to update your profile… :wink:

Which palette? The In Model panel is only one that should work.

Yes that’s exactly how I know. No file is created on disk. Tried saving to several different folders on several different PCs. All show same problem

Yes that one.

You can try:

  1. Change the List view to Small Thumbnails (Try to save now?)
  2. Display the Secondary pane
  3. Browse up the location of the folder that you want to save to secondary pane
  4. Drag and drop style from In Model to the secondary pane.

Wow, this worked. Interesting… I cahnged back to list view and now it saves. It seems it has something to do with generating thumbnails.

@SketchUpTeam please check this, it looks like a bug.

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It is “known” that drag & drop save works only in thumbnail mode, so I thought it can affect…proven :wink: :innocent: