Styles with space in name will not save to disk

Hi @SketchUpTeam!

I reported this bug 2 years ago and it still hasn’t been fixed. I now found out that it only happens if styles have space in the name. And only if style hasn’t been saved before.

See here:

So in short: if styles are displayed in list view AND style includes space in name it will not save to disk.

Hope this helps you track down the bug and you can fix it in next release.

Yes, I can confirm on Win 10.

It is the style’s name property that cannot be saved with spaces.
The save operation will accept .style filenames with spaces.

The convoluted manual workaround would be:

(1) remove spaces from name property before saving out to disk

(2) to add the spaces back into the name elements in the XML files within the .style archive on disk (using a good code editor.)

(3) revert the changes made to the style’s name property in the active model.

There is no SketchUp API automated workaround as the API does not expose copying or saving Sketchup::Style objects. (That I am aware of at least.)

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