Saving a Style in Sketchup Pro 2016

When I try to save a style it asks me if I want to save it to my (username) file if I say yes it asks for admin rights. I don’t have admin rights can I change the folder or how can I save the style without admin rights.

How are you trying to save the style?

I am selecting it and trying to save it to the style folder.

In SketchUp? Or are you talking about Style Builder?

Either way it does not work.

Choose a location in Documents or somewhere you do have access to. Make a folder for your styles there. then you can add that folder to your favorites in the Styles window.

That seems to have worked thank you for your help.

You’re quite welcome. Use the same idea to make your directories for materials and components, too. Then they will be easy to access and you can quickly make them available when you upgrade to the next version of SketchUp.

The SketchUp icon should be set to “Run as administrator”, or you will have some issues dealing with resource file (especially templates, components and materials, etc. [Things still kept in the %ProgramFiles% path.])

Also setup the default folders for various custom user resources (MS Windows only.)

See: SketchUp Users Guide: Choosing default locations for files (Microsoft Windows)