Unable to open SketchUp 2020 Pro remotely from another computer

We are a frim of 55 and up until a few months ago we were able to use remote desktop from home computers (Pandemic remote workfrom home mandate) to our office work stations which has all our office software, autodesk, adobe cloud and SketchUp but we are unable to open SketchUp 2020 Pro remotely when using Remote Desktop Connection. THis has REALLY forced a lot of staff to have to come into the office in order to utilize your software. Is there any way SKETCHUP can fix what has been broken so that out staff can regain their productivity with Sletchup Software? ALL of our computers have Nivida Graphics cards and all have hardware acceleration and Open GL.
I would appreciate an answer.with a method to regain our use of Sketchup. Sincerely, Christine

Caveats: I am not an Trimble employee, just a volunteer contributor to the forum. I have no access to the development team nor to insider information. Also, remote desktops and virtual machines are not officially supported by SketchUp.

That said, have a look at this earlier topic in the forum and see if it helps.