How to run Sketchup remotely from another machine in the house?

I have a fast laptop in my office, and a slow desktop (in the garage).
You know what’s coming:
Can I design from my garage, remotely using the SU that’s on my office PC?

If so, what are some methods that work?


Remote PC app seems to work, except the move+ CTRL to copy feature does not work
(I’m wondering what other features won’t work, and why)?

Doing remote desktop support for relatives and friends, I’ve had great luck with TeamViewer which is free for non-commercial use. It establishes a secure remote desktop session… sort-of-like VNC would do. Have not tried it with my SU2021 on our Macs, but will report back after doing so. TeamViewer is very good at scaling and compressing the dataflow from your local desktop and the remote target machine. On a local LAN this is less of an issue but could be if your local machine in the garage is hardware challenged.

Look into parsec. Seems intended for gaming. I use it for remote use of SU and it works great. Simple install of host software and client. Only hitch I don’t like but deal worth since it works so well is you have to login to it. Seems authentication is cloud but data all stays local.