Is There A Way To Run Sketchup RDP?

I have a fairly beefy desktop that I RDP (Remote Desktop Protocal) to to do all sorts of things that even my decent laptop isn’t great at/to save space and because that quickly centralizes things for me.

If I start Sketchup on it, walk away and then RDP to it from another machine it runs fine, but if I try to start an instance of Sketchup on it while RDPed to it I get:

Is there any way around this (besides going to the machine and starting Sketchup)? I’m often doing this when I’m away from home so going to the machine is usually not an option.

Guessing blind here, but I wonder if you could Telnet or SSH into the ‘beefy’ computer, from a command line terminal at the remote end, start SU via a command line or batch file, then start RDP at the remote end?

On a local network, I can RDP to a Windows 7 machine that has SU on it, but not running, start it, and get SU to work without problem. Don’t now have access to a non-local desktop to try it remotely.

What OS does the ‘beefy’ computer run?

SketchUp can have issues getting proper access to the video card when running remotely.

Take a read through this thread, there may be some applicable information.

“Beefy” :wink: who’s actual name is Bobo (after my uncle’s BIG lazy dog, he used to sleep with his head in his food bowl) is just a Window’s 10 Pro box with a lot of memory and disk.

What version of Sketchup does your Win 7 box run? I seem to remember this working somehow on older versions but it doesn’t on this one. Local vs across the ‘net shouldn’t matter, AAMOF, the screenshot that I attached I did through a local RDP connection (I’m actually sitting less than 10’ from the machine right now).

I seem to remember that Win 10 has a native SSH server in it, but I’ve never played with it. Sounds like a bit of a hassle but it’s better than nothing. I wonder if some version of VNC would get around it? I know that most remote connection services/software are just just basically RDP connections and will not work.

The graphics card limits me to versions up to v16.

I have a windows 10 laptop, which to my surprise, runs SU 2017 (it only has a built in graphics card). I don’t have RDP set up to it, but might try tomorrow - way past midnight here in UK.

Can’t remember though if it is Windows Home (no RDP server) or Pro, which does have one.

More tomorrow, but not until evening, maybe even late evening.

3D modelers typically require a direct access to a preferrably dedicated graphics card (OpenGL), virtualizations or a remote desktop regularly do have problems in this area… with performance issues being the less worst of them.

The standard Windows remote desktop doesn’t support OpenGL. You might try running SU version 2016 or older with Hardware Acceleration switched off. I have successfully tested OpenGL-requiring applications on a Citrix-based virtual machine setup that uses Nvidia Grid graphics. It is handy. I could work remotely from my cabin in the woods using the sluggish 3G connection in my mobile phone to connect my laptop to the system.

Like I said, it will run, you just have to get it started without RDP connected:

launching is one thing, performance and reliability of screen transformations another.

It’s not too bad, I tried it across town going from verizon to comcast connections and there was a noticeable lag, but it’s better than the videos that you see of people doing things with sketchup (which I think are typically shot at about 15frames/second).

You don’t end up waiting for anything to happen (at least in the 10min I played with it), but if you start swinging it around orbiting you notice that it’s slower than if you’re running it locally. I suspect that the performance is more up to weather the “server” has the horsepower to do the rendering in software rather than the connection bandwidth since I didn’t notice a difference from broadband to broadband over from the couch to my desk (a gigabit connection).

On the system I described zooming and orbiting speeds are comparable with a standard desktop system, but a poor net connection results in noticeable screen redraw “pixelisation” artifacts.

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