Working From Home Remotely - Cannot Open SketchUp

I have the privilege of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am using remote desktop from my home computer to my office work station which has all our office software, autodesk, adobe cloud and SketchUp but am unable to open SketchUp 2018 Pro remotely from home.

It seems I have to go into the office and manually open it on my work desktop and leave the files open to be able to use it from home. Attached is the error I get when trying to open remotely. Is there any way I can resolve this so I don’t have to go into work every time my files crash or close?

Sketchup Error


Those errors are typical when the remote desktop connection you are using doesn’t adequately support OpenGL.

According to statements in other topics on the forum, Trimble does not officially support running SketchUp via a remote desktop connection. They don’t say it can’t be made to work, but that their customer support can’t devote time to solving individual problems with an unsupported setup.

If you search the forum, you can find several topics about RDC. One of them may have info that can help you.

This topic has a way where you make a bat file with the code example given, then run the bat file remotely. It will disconnect you from RDP, and then open SketchUp. You wait for a moment and reconnect to RDP: