Unable to open Network Files

We have a user with SketchUp 2018 that is not working properly. If the File is local on the users computer they are able to open the program with no issues, But most of our work is located on the Network and when he attempts to open the file on from the network server, Sketch up does not open or registers it is opening. Does anyone know why this could be happening?

Have you eliminated the possibility of some sort of permissions problem with the user’s account on the network server?

The user has admin for the computer. The folder they are also accessing form they have full control. When they copy the document from the server onto their computer they are able to open with no issues. Only when they try to open from the server file is when Sketch up refuses to work. No other users we have has this issue occurring.

FWIW. The current workflow to download to local desktop is the preferred method of using SketchUp.
In combination of Autosave, opening and saving directly to cloud or service location tends to go tricky when the filesize grows. Server software, antivirus software, timeouts, other users trying to open them: recipe for disaster.

We get numerous requests per week to inspect files that can’t be opened due to this workflow.

That does not mean the user shouldn’t install SketchUp (or any other complicated software) by rightclicking on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ which will take care of enabling the installed software to have the right permissions.

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We are aware of those sort of issues occurring when loading from the server. When installing we always run as admin to proceed and make sure everything works as intended here, and the user was able to open files from server until just recently. We do have multiple users that have Sketch Up installed within our infrastructure with no issues while this one continues to have problems. I will have the user test and attempt to open a smaller file, see if the result is the same.

do both of these workflows fail?

opening the file on the server with SU running using the File >> Open [browse to file]…

double clicking a file on the server to launch SU and open the file…


Only when trying to open from the server files does it fail. The user can copy onto their computer and open the file. These are large files that would take long time to copy and then, when finished with their work, transfer back onto the server to save and store. The user was able to open from the server previously with no issues.

Narrow down the date when things “went south”, and check the Windows Update history for culprits.

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I also see quite a few issues discussed on StackExchange with networks using Synology.
Many suggestions for temporary relief is to clear SMB cache. Some people reporting certain Windows updates causing issues.

When you can open a downloaded model file, suggest testing it for errors. Sometimes you can copy and paste the model into another blank SketchUp instance. (May be difficult with a very large model.)

I face similar issues opening files from the network.
One thing to check is that the files open - but very very very slowly. Eg 1 hour.

The problem may be compounded if you have file paths (Components/Materials libraries, autosave, and templates) also located on a network drive.

People at SketchUp have been looking into this for a while but no solution has been presented yet.

Closing Materials and Components browsers on all files before closing them is a possible (but very annoying) workaround that helps some people.

SU and LayOut will crash and do awful things if run off a network. LayOut files of moderate complexity (eg 5 pages) should be saved locally along with their associated SU files. Trying to do otherwise will result in tears.

My view is that, in 2019 and for professional use, its very much expected that a file/model should run from a network location. This workflow is completely normal for most companies and virtually all software. Many people are using tools such as lightweight laptops with little storage, or they even run virtual machines (most of our GIS, rendering,Survey software is run like this now).
You can see how people might lack confidence in SketchUp Online (etc) given that we cant even open files over gigabit wired LAN.

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