Sketchup Make 2017 won't open server files by left-clicking

Hello everyone,

When I left click a file located in a network drive, Sketchup fails to open it.

When I open it locally, it works fine.

How can I solve this issue? I’ve checked “run as an administrator” in the Sketchup .exe files properties.

This is not enough, you must ‘run as administrator’ when installing:
Meaning: Right-clicked on the downloaded installation file and choose : Run as administrator. If not or not certain, do it now and you will be prompted to ‘repair’. Choose ‘repair’

More in general: SketchUp works better when you work locally on your machine, server timeouts and increasingly growing file-sizes often gives problems while auto-saving etc.

Is the network drive located at work and are you working at home?
Using Sketchup commercially is against the EULA, so the SketchUp Pro version must be used. These Licenses give you the option to install on (work) desktop and the laptop you take home.

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