Sketchup crashing when opening file


Hi there everyone

Please can someone help me?

Every time I open Sketchup it works fine but as soon as I go to open a file it crashes. What I mean is; when I click file then open, as soon as the window explorer opens to search for the file, it crashes. I have upgraded to 2019 and thought this might resolve this most annoying issue but it still happens. The only way for me to open a file is not through Sketchup but to use windows explorer but this just is a frustrating process.

Please can someone help me?



Do you remember how you installed it? This sounds like virus or defender software blocking access, meaning it has something todo with read/write permissions, letting software open other etc

The correct way to install is to rightclick on the downloaded (and allready unzipped) installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

If you do not remember, you can do it now and when prompted, choose ‘Repair’ , meaning it would remember your toolbar settings, extensions etc.


Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for the info. I have reinstalled as admin and it sometimes works and other times it crashes? Not sure what to do?


Is the file location on a cloud based location (Server/Icloud/Onedrive etc.)?SketchUp run best when you open and save on a local disc, especially when files getting bigger and with autosave on (Window->Prefernces->General)

Best is to download the file on your desktop, work on it, and then upload to the desired location
How big are you’re file, generally?