Sketch Make 2017 failure to load

Hello Techs, Good morning, first time user for this forum.
Downloaded Sketch Make 2017 multiple times but when I restart the computer or I get knocked out, it will not load a file or even let me start a new one. I just gives me the Sketchup screen but says it is not responding.

I have had to uninstall Make 2017 and reload which takes time. I have been a avid user of Sketchup since Version 5. What is going on? I wish there was a number to call.

Completed tasks - Nvidia GTX-970M updated video drivers, 2005-2010 C++ uninstalled, Uninstalled Make 2017 (for the 12 time now) redownloaded it but not installed as of yet.

First, how are you installing?

I believe all 12 times that I have installed and uninstalled the SketchUp 2017, I clicked “RUN” after downloading the .exe file and allowing Trimble to make changes to my computer. This morning I am uninstalling it again as the initial page loads which I click the “Start using SketchUp” button then it loads a Sketchup screen and the file name but does nothing and if I click anywhere with my mouse it changes to “SketchUp not responding” and the screen changes to a faded state with the mouse icon loading . . .I don’t know what is happening but the only fixit is to re-install the .exe file after I have uninstalled it, this seems to give me access to my design files for about 10-14 days then I am right back to where I was before. Any suggestions? You can call me if you think that would help? 253-670-3006.Thanks again. gary

No. You must right-click the installer and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu.

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